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Cell Phone Sleeping Bag Interview

One of three short videos made by Sara Adler for REBOOT. This one looks at "Unplugging."

Shout out to my ancestors who really knew how to hide themselves. - Jessica

I designed this piece for Sabbath Manifesto to help us resist the tempting electronic glow of cell phones and other devices during one's cherished weekly down time.

Limited edition textile, hemp with soy based ink.

2012 UPDATE: The Cell Phone Sleeping Bag was acquired by The Jewish Museum, NY, as an example of early 21st century Jewish material culture, innovative design, and as a manifestation of Reboot's community building and reinterpretation of ritual. It has been added to the permanent collection and is housed in the "Contemporary Judaica."

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Logo by: Lucie Kim
Produced by: Amelia Klein for Reboot.