Host, Heather Thomas
Host, Heather Thomas

Founded by Dan Carol, Heather Thomas, and Jessica Tully, the REGIME CHANGE CAFÉ (now called LA CAFÉ) began in the summer of 2003 as a small gathering designed to educate leading Los Angeles progressives on innovative new approaches to doing cause and cultural politics in an era of great change - from the rise of the social media to the decline of traditional party politics.

Over time, the CAFÉ has grown to become a useful connection, networking and exchange point for cultural projects, emerging leaders and grassroots movement-building.

Presenters have included:

Edgar Arceneaux (The Watts Project)
Melanie Sloan's Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (Founder/ED)
Carl Pope, Executive Director, The Sierra Club
Van Jones of The Ella Baker Center and Green for All (Founder/ED)
Billy Wimsatt of the League of Independent Voters (Founder/ED)
Women's Voices, Women's Votes
The Apollo Alliance
Maria Teresa Peterson of Voto Latino
Gloria Steinem
People for the American Way
Gloria Totten of Progressive Majority
Laurie David
Arianna Huffington
Geoffrey Kors, Equality California
Mike Lux, Progressive Strategies
The Center for American Progress
Jessy Tolkan, ED, Powershift
The Brennan Center
and many more